I am a husband and father, a web applications developer, a Cub Scout Leader, a musician and a sportsman.


I'm Gareth, A.K.A The G Bomb, the big G, Dad, The Big Show(???), Akela (and occasionally sir, believe it or not). I hope to be updating this regularly with some items of Web Development, some ramblings about Heavy Metal Music and possibly some other stuff I can't find anywhere else to save it. Hope you find something useful and if you want to help me out buy yourself something from Amazon, through my store, its the same price you'll find it there, but I get a commission for sending you there or giving you somewhere to buy stuff or something. Enjoy!

Developer Zone

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Enjoy some articles about Web Development and other Tech related stuff.

Metal Zone

a stage for heavy metal music bands
Some writing about Heavy Metal. Reviews, musing, ideas and anything else I can cram in here.

Other Zone

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Anything I want to rant or ramble about that doesn't fit in the other zones.