Star Wars Synopsis or is it The Force Awakens?

This is a synopsis of the film Star Wars to highlight how similar it is to the Force Awakens in premise.

Spoiler alert.

30 day Exercise Challenge

I was invited to join a 30 days squat challenge, which goes as follows:


Squatting is one of the most fundamental movements that all humans can and should perform regularly. Squats not only work your glutes and quads but also your hamstrings, calves, hips, back and core. They can also improve your flexibility, balance and posture.

BEGINNER- start with one squat on the 1st of June and increase by one per day until the 30th of June where you'll perform 30 squats.

Star Wars and Disney, my take on it.

I feel I should state for record my point of view on the whole Star Wars Disney thing, no idea why but there is a lot of ranting going on and I want in.

I am actually relatively happy about this Merger. Star Wars and Disney have had links for a while, in that The Disney Parks have a rubbishy Star Wars ride and you can buy most of the Star Wars stuff in all the Disney shops. In the worst case scenario we get a better ride at Disney than the current simulator thing surrounded by a load of props, so we're off to a winner sraight off.